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Being a Grown-Up: A User's Manual for the Real World


So you want to be a grown-up . . .

If only there were some sort of guide, something we could
read to prepare us for what nobody has figured out
(and believe me, nobody has it figured out). If only . . .

An anthropologist and a publisher walk into an apartment . . .

. . . and walk out with a collection of personal stories from
around the world that investigate what it means to be a
grown-up. Stories about change, grief, love, uncertainty.
About that moment when you realize that you are the
grown-up. About the unanswerable questions and the
mundane tasks.

This book offers you a guide from those who have gone
before, something to help you navigate the map of
adulthood and to let you know you’re not alone in your
travels. The essays and poems that fill these pages have
been shared in the hopes that you can walk that road with
fewer problems and more appreciation for the journey.


Shipping is $6 plus $4 for each additional book (the cart only shows the 6$ fee if you have more than one book in your cart, but it calculates the total price with shipping accurately).